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So schön kann Liebe sein:

The Sound of Kiss
The Sound of Kiss facilitates an amorous ambience in which couples digitize their love while kissing. One wears a headset and the other's tongue is affixed to a magnet. When they kiss, the magnet and the electro-magnetic sensor interact to create spontaneous music. The musical composition depends on how far one's tongue is away from the other's lips/tongue and their style of action.
Link to this project

Author: Hye Yeon Nam, USA/KOR, 15.09 04:57
Hye Yeon Nam is a digital media artist working in kinetic sculpture, audio and video in Atlanta and NYC. She is a Ph.D. candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology and holds a M.F.A. in digital media from Rhode Island School of Design. Her artwork reflects on human (e)motion, identity, and social i ... etc. etc.
> ohhh - thats great !!! and the next thing is to play in an kiss-orchestra !!! like an orgy ... :-) -
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