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The International Pixelstorm-Award

The International Pixelstorm-Award is a digital competition, in which all submissions are visible immediately on the web.

When the award is announced, the platform is usually open for submissions during three weeks. Within this timespan, participants are invited to upload their works. After a short check, the submissions are published online.

A large number of designers and artists from all areas of the world compete with each other and submit entries every year. The intermediate result of the competition is always visible and encourages more people to participate. Even while the platform is open, the pixel-community will start evaluating the submissions, and electing their own audience award.

The main price however – the Golden Pixel – is assigned by an international jury and given to the winners during the pricegiving ceremony. The ceremony is broadcasted on the Web through several Webcams and an online chat.

The pixelstorm-award is an invention of Andres Wanner. The association "Friends of the pixelstorm" a group of alumni of the Basel School of Design is organizing it about once every year. The pixelstorm-award is a noncommercial event that tries to depend on a minimum amount of finance and strongly relies on the enthusiasm of the participants.