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Es freut mich, Kenji Kojima aus Japan willkommen zu heissen: So klingt Mona Lisa:

RGB Values into Music
It is not an impression of the Mona Lisa painting of Leonaldo Da Vinci of a musical variation. It composes a score from an image directly. This Mona Lisa music is one of the RGB Music Project by Kenji Kojima. The music and 3-D drawing were converted RGB (Red, Green and Blue) value of an image by RGB MusicLab which was programmed by Kenji Kojima. It reads RGB value of pixels from the top left to the bottom right of an image. One pixel makes a harmony of three note of RGB value, and the length of note is determined by brightness of the pixel. RGB value 120 or 121 is the middle C, and RGB value 122 or 123 is added a half steps of the scale that is C#. Pure black that is R=0, G=0, B=0 is no sounds. Synchronized 3-D drawing follows the RGB values along an XYZ axis of the image. The lines become a distinct topography - a visual map of the both the musical score and pixel content. More details about RGB MusicLab (MacOS and Windows version of freeware available): http://www.kenjikojima.com/rgbmusiclab/
Link zum Beitrag

Autor/in: Kenji Kojima, Japan, 14.09 21:23
Born in Japan and currently living in New York City, Kenji Kojima is an artist who integrates both the visual and the technical. http://www.kenjikojima.com/
> immer wieder cool
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