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Show me numbers, Jeffrey Ventrella!

Divisor Plot
"Divisor Plot" translates the dry boring world of numbers into the rich visual realm of artists and young children who are born with open eyes. Why does such immense complexity appear in large numbers? It is because numbers have structure - and if you look at a large enough number, you will see any pattern imaginable. Explore the divisors of 2 billion, and you will see nested parabolas - a sea of complexity. "Divisor Plot" (main web site: divisor plot.com) is an interactive Java applet for helping visual thinkers appreciate number theory in a fun, intuitive way.
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Autor/in: Jeffrey Ventrella, USA, 15.09 23:53
I am a visual language evangelist and developer of virtual worlds, artificial life simulations, and interactive art. I am on a quest to help young people enjoy learning math by engaging all parts of their brains. Including their retinas.
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