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Der Pixelstorm freut sich ├╝ber dieses kollaborative Projekt von Ethan Ham:

Camera / Chimera
"Camera/Chimera" is a collaborative project involving 22 artists and 22 arts writers. The project takes the form of a series of photographs, each by a different artist. The artists are asked to replicate the previous artist's photograph. The result is a visual game of "Telephone" ("Stille Post" or "Fl├╝sterpost") in which the image slowly (and sometimes abruptly) mutates through the process of recreation. Accompanying the photographs is a series of wall texts created through an aural game of Telephone.
Link zum Beitrag

Autor/in: Ethan Ham, USA, 16.09 13:49
Ethan Ham is a sculptor and installation artist who often explores themes of translation and mutation. His projects include literary/art hybrids, kinetic sculptures, and internet-based artworks. He has been commissioned by Turbulence.org (Tumbarumba and Self-Portrait), The Present Group (Anthropt ... etc. etc.
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